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Indian Rupee INR


United States Dollars USD


European Currency Units EUR


Australia Dollars AUD


Canadian Dollars CAD 1.7491
Japan Yen JPY


UAE Dirham

AED 4.8687
Singapore Dollars SGD 1.8511

Last Updated 29/11/18@10.00a.m

AGN MONEY CORPORATION was created with the client wishes in mind, and amazing customer service as our primary aim. This is why we continue working to provide the customer with new, state of the art currency services, enhancing the dynamics of our site, and providing you with the most useful and friendly services we can. In today's travel and remittance related market-place, the AGN MONEY brand has achieved significant global recognition.

This success has been built on the company's commitment to providing customers with value, consistency of service and reliability. Now serving more than 85 countries, AGN are emerging as a global leader in remittances and are establishing a new benchmark in both quality and service.

AGN MONEY CORPORATION LTD provides reliable and innovative value added services in the field of remittances, Buying & Selling Currencies & Travelers Cheques at a better competitive rate than any other high street bank.