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European Currency Units EUR


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Canadian Dollars CAD 1.7491
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UAE Dirham

AED 4.8687
Singapore Dollars SGD 1.8511

Last Updated 29/11/18@10.00a.m

Worldwide money  Transfer

Whether you’re sending money to family, buying a house abroad, or just paying a bill, our International Payments service is a safe enjoyable and cost-effective way to transfer money abroad. AGN MONEY CORPORATION LTD International Money Transfers are an easy, secure and reliable way to transfer money to bank accounts in over 70 countries worldwide. AGN offer our customers highly competitive rates with no fuss at all. This is why we have such a high customer base. Transfers are also made using the same security systems as all major banks. People who needs same day money transfer service - we do have western union service to cater that cliental.

Buy and Sell currency

AGN offer a safe and reliable way to Buy and Sell currency, allowing our customers to feel looked after and aware that they are getting the best deal available for them. The most important thing for a customer is to feel eased during a purchase, and we can guarantee this will be the case, for whatever purchase you have made. We understand the need to make your money go further and take pride in our ability to obtain the most competitive Foreign Exchange rates available in the marketplace with you, the customer, in mind.

Money Transfer service India and Sri Lanka

Among our large number of customers, we have a fantastic amount of clients who regularly send remittance to Sri Lanka & India through our Money Remittance Centre. A Safe and easy way for you to send money abroad, although we specialize in Money Transfer Services to Sri Lanka & India. We also send Telegraphic Transfers to World Wide in the following currencies.

  • GBP - Great British Pound
  • USD - United States Dollars
  • EUR - Euro's

Telegraphic Transfer Service

AGN MONEY CORPORATION also specializes in Telegraphic Transfer Service, which is a great way for our business clients who are in the trade of import and exports, and MSB clients who want to settle their suppliers in foreign countries. Also it has been used by a few private clients who send their money through their NRFC accounts back home. Apart from that we do buy and sell currencies retail & wholesale as well.